New Perspective Across the Road

Thanks to all of you who told me that you like seeing photos from Across the Road. We have only 10 acres here so we appreciate being able to share the farmland that is across the road.

I took my macro lens to the repair shop this week and saw that they had used equipment for sale at good prices. So I bought a 70-300 mm lens. My other lens is 18-135 so this gives me a whole new perspective. What fun!cornstalk That is the base of the corn that was harvested a few days ago. There are photos of the harvest in Rusty’s blog.DSC_7695 Yesterday’s plowing makes beautiful patterns.DSC_7698 DSC_7788DSC_7709 With this new lens I should now be able to get all those fantastic wildlife photos I’ve been missing. So I had my eyes open for wildlife. I was able to get a photo of a critter den just after they (muskrats?) plopped into the water.DSC_7767The only birds I saw were crows and doves. Oh Oh. I forgot to touch up this photo to remove the spots. I found that I have the same spots on my blue sky with this lens as with my other one. That means that there is dust somewhere inside the camera. That can’t be good.DSC_7716 I caught interesting spider webs…DSC_7722 …close up. DSC_7750  Here is  few of our property looking across the harvested corn field. This is with the old lens at 135 mm…DSC_7751…and with the new lens at 300 mm.DSC_7787 Maybe no wildlife but I found other things in the trees. There are some great photos of Rusty and Maggie, but I let him use those for his blog.


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