Flower or Weed?

Do readers of this blog and Rusty’s blog get tired of photos from Across the Road? I find an endless supply of subjects to photograph, no matter how mundane. When I was walking the other day I noticed the different colors of the morning glories. I Googled morning glory and saw that there were over 1000 species. However this is field bindweed and when you give it that name it becomes a weed.morning gloriesThis is growing at the edge of the corn field.DSC_7347 UC Integrated Pest Management Program states “Field bindweed, a perennial broadleaf, is considered one of the most problematic weeds in agricultural fields throughout temperate regions worldwide. It is abundant throughout California … is troublesome in many crops…  It can harbor the viruses that cause potato X disease, tomato spotted wilt, and vaccinium false bottom.” Yikes! Nasty plant.DSC_7350 DSC_7345  DSC_7338 DSC_7334 I was intrigued by all the different colors. Speaking of colors, these two birds, also Across the Road, have names with color even though from my photos you wouldn’t know it.green heron Green heron.white faced ibisWhite faced ibis. (Thanks to my birder friends who gave me the ID on this one.)



4 thoughts on “Flower or Weed?

  1. A weed is simply a plant whose virtues are as of yet unnoticed.
    Not sure if this was from Culpepper, Luther Burbank, or Euell Gibbons, (or someone like that..)
    Either way, I always liked the quote..

    • I’ve always said that a weed is a plant out of place. However I can think of a couple that I don’t think have a place. Medusahead is one of those. Starthistle is another although I guess it could be argued that people like star thistle honey.

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