Three Days of Weaving Classes

I taught a Chenille Scarf class for the Hangtown Fiber Guild in Placerville on Friday and Saturday. Eight weavers and eight very different scarves. Each is beautiful. You can’t go wrong with chenille. IMG_0093  IMG_0096 Most of the chenille scarves are plain weave, but Joni used clasped weft (that’s where the purple and blue meet in a diagonal line) to create interest in part of the scarf.IMG_0099 IMG_0100 IMG_0102 IMG_0103 IMG_0105 IMG_0106 (1)  Today I taught the second day of the new Spin to Weave class here at the farm.  In the first session a few weeks ago spinners, most of whom had never woven before, had a crash course in weaving terminology and warping technique. They came today with handspun yarn and a sense of adventure.IMG_0109 This is dyed angora warp with a gray weft.IMG_0111 Amy used her yarn from space-dyed fiber from Fiber Confections for warp and a commercial wool weft. The idea was to choose a weft that did not detract from the warp. This one is perfect!IMG_0114 Chris warped with a Jaggerspun Merino yarn and wove a twill with her handspun yarn.IMG_0116This photo doesn’t do Alison’s warp justice. The true color is purple and blue so I’ll have to get a daylight photo later. She warped 18″ wide at 15 epi in her handspun silk. We chose Jaggerspun Zephyr, a fine wool/silk blend for weft.



4 thoughts on “Three Days of Weaving Classes

  1. Thanks, Robin, but my handspun is a merino silk blend (blues) and a tencel merino blend (purples), both tops from JulieSpins. Can’t wait to get this finished!

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