Stalking Butterflies

I took my camera with me to change the pasture fence this morning. I shouldn’t do that if I have things to do. I get distracted by things like dew drops and butterflies and flowers.DSC_6970 I didn’t realize how many different butterflies are here because I usually pay more attention to warm-blooded creatures. DSC_7022DSC_6976 I thought I’d google “butterflies of Solano County” so that I could identify these. There are dozens on the list (without photos) so I guess I’ll just enjoy them without names.DSC_6985 DSC_6995 I also didn’t know how hard it is to sneak up on a butterfly before it flits away. How do they know?DSC_7009 It’s easier to take photos of flowers.DSC_7005  

Have you seen the rare Wool Flower? It occurs only in fields where sheep have grazed.DSC_7010 

DSC_7003 DSC_7028The sheep were not amused while I was in the pasture and they were not. That’s Athena on the left and Phyllis on the right pawing at the gate.


2 thoughts on “Stalking Butterflies

  1. It’s me! The ‘NAME THAT CRITTER’ lady. The top butterfly is a Buckeye. I think (could be wrong) the second down is a White-checkered Skipper. Am clueless on the following pair. Enjoyed your post as per always!

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