Family Resemblance

FannyFanny was one of my favorite sheep, not because of personality because she wasn’t very friendly. But look at those horns. Striking horns for a ewe.fanny=2Here is another photo of Fanny.FandangoThis is Fanny’s daughter, Fran. She is 6 years old now.12040 FandangoHere is Fandango, Fran’s daughter, now 2 years old. I hope her horns continue to grow as well as her mom’s and grandmother’s horns.14017  This is Fandango’s daughter, born in March.


3 thoughts on “Family Resemblance

  1. Looks like you may have found a dominate gene with this line of ewes. Do you remember which rams you have used? I’m sure you do. What do their horns look like?

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