An August Morning

(Note: I don’t know why the photos imported smaller and the spaces between text and photos are so large. I don’t think I did anything different than usual. Sometimes this computer stuff drives me crazy.)

I have plenty to do but when I take my camera with me life slows down.Sheep behind barn

View behind the barn in the morning.

cattle egrets in tree

Cattle egrets roosting at the edge of the pasture.white tailed kite, adult and juvenile

White-tailed kites in the tree at the other edge of the pasture. I’ve been hearing a lot of squawking out of them the last few days. The one on the left with the brown feathers is a juvenile….”Dad, pulleeze let me have the keys.”

Views from the pasture.

Sheep going to pastureSheep going to pasture14082 lamb

This is the ewe lamb born last at the State Fair.DSC_6787

BFL cross ewes.

hay truck

Hay truck whizzing by. Won’t you stop here?trefoil

One of my favorite flowers because it is so good in the pasture. Birds foot trefoil.butterfly

dew on grass

bug on grass




Mockingbird behind the barn.

rust on tin


Phyllis is the oldest sheep here.



6 thoughts on “An August Morning

  1. Hi Robin,

    All of the pictures are on the small side this time. Is something different or is it just my computer gone whacky? Love the shot of Phyllis!

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