Sheep Portraits

The sheep bed down around the barn at night and this morning took their time about moving to the pasture.Sheep going to pastureHere are some sheep who posed for portraits (and, for those of you who care, some ancestry info).829 Moon 5-year old Moon (bide a wee Yuri x Hillside Luna’s Harvest)Matrix x Jazz Yearling, Sophia  (Kenleigh’s Matrix x Meridian Jazz)13068 Cascade Yearling, Cascade (Meridian Miller x Meridian Sierra)13077 Mae Yearling, Mae (Meridian Miller x Meridian Mary). She must have been looking in the mirror when she wrote the number on her tag?14027 5-month old BFL cross who I am keeping. No name yet. (Faulkner x Dazzle)Miller x Vicki 5-month old lamb who may stay here. (Meridian Miller x Meridian Vicki)Hendrix x Alison  5-month old lamb who I want to keep (Meridian Hendrix x Meridian Alison) JimmySomeone is hiding behind the dallisgrass.Jimmy (1)  It’s the wether, Jimmy…who I may just rename to Jake, because I tend to call all wethers Jake.OnyxThis is two year old Onyx, a BFL cross. 14079 This is one of the newest members of the flock. (Meridian Miller x Meridian Donna.) Six lambs were born in July at the State Fair.14080 This is her brother.lilac ram This is a gorgeous lilac ram lamb (Meridian Alex x Meridian Phyllis), just what I’ve been waiting for….except those horns on his right are growing together and his horn set will be horribly asymmetrical. He won’t be registrable.DSC_6609 Out to the pasture. “Mom!”DSC_6612“MOM !!!”DSC_6668



4 thoughts on “Sheep Portraits

  1. Oh, I just love your spotted sheep. And spotted donkey. I forgot to tell you that I didn’t even see the babies when I was out there the other day — they must have been hiding behind their mamas.

    • I have irrigated pasture. I’m in the Central Valley where we normally have about 21″ of winter rain and without irrigation water everything would be bone dry. I’m fortunate to get water from one of the few irrigation districts that didn’t cut the supply this summer. Reservoirs to the north and east all the way down the valley are very low and many farmers didn’t get enough water to grow crops or keep orchards alive.

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