Waiting in Texas

I’m in Texas waiting for the birth of a granddaughter. My daughter and SIL live in the Texas Hill Country and this is some of what I see on my walks in the early morning and evening.photo 4This is the road to the kids’ house.DSC_6053I saw three of these when I turned out of the driveway early this morning and at first I thought it wouldn’t be a very long walk. They eventually meandered through the fence.DSC_5971 DSC_5978 Lots of deer in the area.DSC_5982 I don’t know what this bird is but it has a distinctive long tail. I need to google “bird with long tail in Texas hill country”. At Katie’s bird feeder there are a lot of cardinals and a very colorful painted bunting. DSC_6061

I want to look this plant up also. It was full of butterflies and some giant bees the last time I walked by.DSC_5984 MamaLu cooling off after a walk when Katie went with me.black buck in TX View from the kid’s kitchen window. This is a Black Buck, native to Africa. There is a herd in the area.Libby What do you do when the baby is a week overdue? Let’s go wash the horses. Libby is the horse that Katie got when she was in junior high. Libby moved with Katie to Cal Poly, to TX, to VT, and back to TX.Libby Slim Libby is not too crazy about baths, but her companion, Slim, loves the hose.Slim oak View through the oak trees.moss in the oak tree  Views from this morning’s walk before going to the hospital where we are waiting for a baby.


DSC_6066 der 



13 thoughts on “Waiting in Texas

  1. Robin – Enjoying your posts. The bird is likely a scissor-tailed flycatcher, which is known primarily from Texas in the summer. A very cool bird. Rick York 

  2. How exciting for you and your family! It’s hard to believe that Katie will be a Mom and you a grandmother!!! How time flies … Also I love your pics!

  3. BEAUTIFUL photos! Please give Katie hugs and am sending good luck for the upcoming birth!! WOW, JUST WOW! Keep us posted! Yay!! So exciting!!!!!!!

  4. Bird ID is correct. The blooming shrub is a Buttonbush. It’s a great bee attractor but all parts are toxic. Usually it is found growing along creeks, ponds, and rivers.

  5. Your welcome. I am a botanist. Sara the crazysheeplady sent me to help. From the looks of your photos you must be very close to where I live. I’m outside of Leakey, southwest of Kerrville, south of Junction.

    • My daughter lives between Wimberly and Blanco. I’ve been taking walks every morning up and down her road… Except this morning because I’ve been rocking a granddaughter on the last day that I can help her get some sleep. I brought all kinds of small fibery projects to work on while I was here but didn’t accomplish much.

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