Sheep Grow Up

I didn’t get around to registering most of the lambs that I kept last year. JSBA was in transition from me being the Registrar to having an outside organization handle it. So I waited. Why add more workload? Besides, the applications can now be submitted electronically (no more printing lots of photos for each sheep) and photos will show up on the registration certificates. Here are the sheep that I submitted, now yearlings.13022 Santana lt Meridian Santana = Puddleduck Sullivan x Genesis Farms Belinda13035 Alex rt Meridian Alex = Kenleigh’s Matrix x Meridian Alexandria13005 Lana rt Meridian Lana = Meridian Fogerty x Meridian Loretta13056 Racquel lt Meridian Raquel= Meridian Miller x Meridian Rosie13068 Cascade rt Meridian Cascade = Meridian Miller x Meridian Sierra13077 Mae rt Meridian Mae = Meridian Miller x Meridian Mary14013 Sophia rtMeridian Sophia = Kenleigh’s Matrix x Meridian JazzMarilyn 13007 leftThis is Marilyn who was registered last year so I didn’t get a new photo of her. This photo is before shearing her as a lamb. Marilyn = Meridian Miller x Meridian Hot Lips.DSC_7521This is some of Marilyn’s wool. I am spinning her fleece now during the Tour de France as part of Meridian Jacob’s unofficial Tour de Fleece group on Ravelry. Join us!

Who will the 2014 keepers be?14041 GinnyThis is one. Meridian Ginny = Meridian Hendrix x Mud Ranch’s Ginseng14053 and VickiMaybe this one shown with her mom. Not named yet = Meridian Miller x Meridian Vicki.14013 hd (1) Meridian Miller x Meridian Jane14062 lt (1)Meridian Hendrix x Meridian Alison




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