Around the Farm in May

I went back through my i-phone shots during May, most of which I deleted. But here is a collection of what I thought was photo-worthy at the time.IMG_9637Sheep on new pasture lining up at the blackberry buffet.Goose on barn roofGoose on the roof. There was another just out of site on the high part of the barn. Note ongoing wool washing activity. Also blooming bottle brush in the background…Rusty in bottlebrush…which makes it clear where Rusty was hiding out.IMG_0033 Felt flower done by someone who came to my weaving wrap Baby wrap brought by another weaving student. I had no idea that baby wraps were in such huge demand and people will pay huge prices for them. I’d love to weave some but my shoulders start hurting just thinking of weaving yards and yards of relatively fine threads, even on my AVL. What I wouldn’t give to have joints that were 20 years younger.Painted in Waterlogue Playing with the iPad when I should have been sleeping I found this cool app that turns your photos into paintings.IMG_9661  Mom’s and babies. This is Laura and twins.Jazz and tripletsJazz and triplets.wool with burr clover

I spent a huge amount of time this month sorting fleeces that were beautiful except that they were filled with obnoxious burr clover. A lot had to be thrown out. This wool is finally  in route to the I found this tom cat with a foxtail in his eye, huge ticks on his neck, and very weak and skinny. Through the wonders of Facebook within 24 hours he was on his way to a new home where I hear that a vet has ruled out any severe problems other than starving and he is eating up all the food and TLC he can handle.straw bale garden My latest attempt at gardening in my raised beds that have been gopher-ravaged is to try straw bale gardening. I am in the phase of watering the bale to start it decomposing. Then you add fertilizer, keep watering, and then plant. My hope is that a gopher will not tunnel all the way up through the bale.


One thought on “Around the Farm in May

  1. I love the pictures. I had to have my companion ginger tom cat, Jack, euthanized 10 days ago (19 years old with multiple health problems, it was time), and to see this one rescued and off to thrive is balm to my heart. Thank you.

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