Backpacking at the Lost Coast – Day 2

The goal for this morning was to hike south to Miller Flat where we would spend the night. IMG_9531IMG_9538IMG_9543DSC_2472After we set up camp I did some more exploring. Walking another mile or so was no problem once I was able to ditch the pack. The scenery and flowers were spectacular.DSC_2454DSC_2443DSC_2468Wild iris.DSC_2475As I’ve said in other posts the poison oak can be very pretty although its definitely best to avoid it.

Back at camp there was no shortage of wildlife, although I wasn’t able to do much about photographing sea lions or a river otter with my 40mm lens. (I tried, but won’t bore you with those photos where you have to know which speck is the subject animal.) DSC_2404DSC_2428 Kaleena was photographing one of her favorite flowers right next to camp and was about to step over a log when she saw this:DSC_2430DSC_2436 It eventually slithered under the log. Maybe the beach is a safer trek.DSC_2311My kids could be active-wear models.DSC_2521This made me nervous. Matt wanted to get photos of the surf as it rolled in under his camera.IMG_9570Another great dinner. This time it was mac and cheese with fresh veggies followed by s’mores with your choice of graham crackers or fresh apple slices or both.Trail mixOf course there was always trail mix for snacking.DSC_2517  

Sunset on the beach.DSC_2542 The  colors of the sky and ocean changed to pinks and greens as the sun went down.        DSC_2563 My tent at dusk. (Rainfly necessary this night.)



3 thoughts on “Backpacking at the Lost Coast – Day 2

  1. Thank you so much for sharing 🙂 All of your pictures are beautiful, what an amazing adventure! Love your son’s tripod and yes, they could totally be active wear models 😉

    • It was a gorgeous place and good to spend time with my kids. I’m very sorry that Kaleena was so sick but I’m glad that it wasn’t the old lady (me) that needed the airlift out (although I had the advantage of it).

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