Backpacking at the Lost Coast – Day 1

My son and DIL invited me to join them and a couple of their friends on a backpacking trip to one of their favorite spots. According to Wikipedia, “the steepness and related geo-technical challenges of the coastal mountains made this stretch of coastline too costly for state highway or county road builders to establish routes through the area, leaving it the most undeveloped and remote portion of the California coast”. Since Matt and Kaleena did all the planning, food prep, etc all I had to do was gather up or borrow the right clothes and gear. DSC_2191 We drove about 5 hours north to a campsite outside of the town of Honeydew in Humboldt County where we spent the night. The next morning we drove to the the Kinsey Ridge Trailhead to begin the hike. DSC_2194 I borrowed  backpack since I couldn’t find mine (and the last time I had used it was about 30 years ago so this one was probably a little better).IMG_9481 There was a four mile trek down the mountain to get to the beach. After that the trail is along the beach or through meadows just above.IMG_9483 IMG_9548DSC_2232 Every mile or so there is another river running out of the mountains into the ocean. This was where we camped the first night.DSC_2210Time to unpack the dogs and relax a bit.DSC_2247 First order of business was to secure our site by setting up the tents. There were not very many people hiking the area, but Matt and Kaleena have their favorite spots and you can’t exactly reserve a site. View from my tent This is the view of the ocean from inside my tent. No rain fly needed the first night.DSC_2230Matt and Kaleena’s friends didn’t bring tents but constructed a temporary shelter from the wind with rocks and driftwood. DSC_2255Next it was time to explore the area and wash the poison oak off the dogs.DSC_2214

DSC_2220The chef Matt was the chef. IMG_9499He and Kaleena had prepared enough veggies to last us for 3 dinners.DSC_2302After watching the sun set over the ocean…IMG_9512…we enjoyed s’mores back at camp before turning in for the night.


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