Meet the Sheep

Our annual spring open house on Saturday was a huge success. Putting up photo stationThis event couldn’t happen without the help of Farm Club members and, this year, the Davis Spinners’ Guild (DSG). Farm Club members were here on Friday for set-up and showed up early Saturday for last minute touches. Photo station (1)Alphabet blocks There are a variety of sheep related displays.sheep paintingsBut the biggest attractions are the animals and the demos.Julie with bunnies

Julie’s 3-week old Angora bunnies were very popular…Bunnies 

Mary and lamb…as were the lambs. FC member, Mary held lambs for people all day (and suggested that next year we use smaller lambs!).

JazzJazz, mom of the triplets that were out for people to pet, made herself just as popular, calling to people to come back and continue petting.

As popular as the animals, were the demonstrations scheduled throughout the day.Alison teaching about fermented suint vatThis is Farm Club (and DSG) member, Alison, showing her passion for…fermented suint vatcleaning fleece with a fermented suint vat.Vera with blending board   Vera, of the Davis Spinners’ Guild, demonstrated use of the blending board…

Vera spindling…and spindle spinning. Kathleen weaving

Kathleen, FC and DSC member wove with an audience all day.Spinner's circleMany people brought their wheels and spent the day spinning.Lisa and Amarayllis

FC member, Lisa, always has a carrot for Amaryllis. Lisa felting   She and Dona (who took some of these photos) demonstrated needle felting.

shoppingDona, Jackie,and Colleen offered items for sale.sheep in the shop   

Of course my shop was open and there were even sheep inside!Signs 

There was much more going on and many more people helping then I have in photos here. Thanks to all of them. There are no photos of Rusty in this post but he wrote his own and you can find out what he thought of the day here.


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