Catching up in the Shop

I spent the weekend demonstrating weaving at the Sacramento Weavers and Spinner Guild annual Open House. I knew that if I was going to spend two days there I needed to get something useful done. I wove two more of the scarf warps from the Box of Chenille to end the weekend with six new scarves. Chenille 855These are three from one warp.yarn-bombed bike at SWSGThis is a bike that was parked outside the show.Baby blankets 849 Back at the shop I have been trying to get caught up on weaving jobs. This is part of a baby blanket warp. I cut these off before I finished all of the warp because I had someone waiting for three of them. DSC_8454  I finally finished these cotton blankets that were on the loom a long time. Some are baby blanket size and some are larger for throws.  IMG_8902The next project to finish is a custom king-sized blanket woven of yarn that is a blend of llama and wool. I finished getting this on the sectional beam last night  and started threading it today. I hope that I can finish it by next week and move on to the throws for this customer.






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