Farm Club Retreat

Last week we had our annual Farm Club Retreat in San Francisco. Six of us were able to get away for 24 hours of camaraderie and relaxation (and one more member joined us for the evening). We started by visiting the Alemany Farm in southeast San Francisco and meeting two of the volunteers. The Farm’s website states: “Friends of Alemany Farm is a volunteer group that manages the horticulture, volunteer, and educational programs at Alemany Farm, a 3.5 acre organic farm ecosystem in southeast San Francisco.” The farm is on city property at the edge of a park and was formerly an eyesore. It has been developed and used by community groups in one way or another for about 20 years. 013 016 014  015 It was certainly nice to see a bit of color since our drought landscape seems so dreary right now. 018 017    019 Shelby tasted most of what we saw… 020 …including the pineapple guavas… 021 …which were sweet inside, but you really didn’t want to taste the outside part. 022A small community farm in the heart of the city.

After the farm tour we drove back to the NDGW Home where we met up with Lisa… 023

…and later Stephany, who had broken her ankle and wasn’t up for walking the hills of San Francisco. We had a splendid dinner at a Green Chili Kitchen just up the street from the Home. We spent the evening lounging in the parlor with our knitting, spinning wheels, and Mary’s wonderful cookies and pom-poms.

Unfortunately I somehow lost all the photos I took with my iPhone from the pjs and pom-pons in the parlor through the next day’s field trip. BUMMER. The next morning we enjoyed the now traditional Lemon Custard pie (from Green Chili’s)for breakfast and then five of us drove to Berkeley to visit Lacis, a shop filled with all kinds of cool gadgets and featuring a museum. The exhibit in the museum was a private collection of lace complete with the history of the development of lace and it’s impact on European history, as told by the owner of the collection and of Lacis. Fascinating.

I look forward to our next FC retreat in January, 2015.


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