Across the Road Close-up

I just wrote a post using photos that I took Across the Road from our mailbox. I started that to document the changes in the field that we see from our house everyday. The photos themselves are kind of boring and not all that attractive. Here is some of what I see when I walk Across the Road. (And here is Rusty’s version.)100_0485 Last year the main crop was sunflowers but there is a corner of land owned by someone else. Last summer’s crop on that parcel was corn.DSC_2773 Hot dog.DSC_2777 Irrigating the sunflower field.DSC_3926 Pollenating the sunflowers.DSC_3929 Stickers in someone’s fur.DSC_3931 Sometimes our road seems like an alfalfa highway.DSC_3950 Swarm of bugs.DSC_3954DSC_3968 Another hot dog. DSC_3984 Irrigation water. This sure looks appealing when it is 100+ degrees.

DSC_4012DSC_4025DSC_4457DSC_4764 Signs that I’m not the only one Across the Road.  DSC_5755DSC_5771DSC_7395DSC_7769 Hope of the next harvest.


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