Amaryllis is a Good Sport

Rusty has never been a willing partner in taking cute holiday photos.DSC_5250 DSC_7185DSC_5273 His friend, Moby wasn’t much better. DSC_7188 Nor was Ozzie.DSC_7190Maybe it would have worked with a smaller hat.

DSC_6900Some of the sheep are OK with it. This is Noel.DSC_6913Here is Paulette. But now we have a new star.DSC_6456 Spinners’ Day Out was yesterday. Most of the people here were part of Farm Club (which, by the way, anyone can now join as an e-Farm Club member) and they were willing (more like insistent) on getting photos with Amaryllis. Dona and Mary took these photos."Get that thing out of my eye." “Would you get that thing away from my eye?” DSC_6482 




2 thoughts on “Amaryllis is a Good Sport

  1. The picture of Moby is hilarious – it truly depicts the saying ‘the whites of his eyes’! Rusty looks positively glowingly happy compared to Moby!

  2. I thought it was just my Collie, Indy that sulked when put in a santa hat. 😀
    Indy’s mum was called Amaryllis, I never thought I would hear of someone else with that name.
    Lovely pictures. 🙂

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