Box of Chenille

It may take me years to use up the yarn in the studio part of my shop. But I’m hopeful. Here is an attempt at one box.Image

I dumped the box of chenille on the floor and arranged the colors. I posted this photo on Facebook and then decided to have a contest. How many scarf warps could I get out of this pile of yarn?

The guesses ranged from 17 to 50 (well, there was one outlier at 502–maybe a typo). I had a good time winding these warps. For me winding warp is the creative part of weaving–at least for chenille scarves. The weave structure is almost always plain weave so all the design comes in choosing colors and arranging the order. This actually became a challenge here. I rarely weave chenille scarves in those light colors. Also, it’s hard to tell in this photo but there are a lot of variegated yarns there. I like to use those, but usually as accents with solid colors. As I worked my way through this pile it became more difficult to put together pleasing combinations. Because I had set up this contest I didn’t want to add in yarns off the shelf–that seemed like cheating. All of the first several warps were long enough to weave 2 or 3 scarves. As I worked my way through the pile I had less yarn in any one color so I made warps for single scarves. I finally got to this:


All those bits and pieces got me three more scarf warps.


It may not look like much but those warps will weave 44 scarves!  I wish that I had time to weave them all and then take a photo. Instead I will start weaving but will be putting some out for sale at the Artery as soon as I get them finished. ‘Tis the season…to be selling chenille.


By the way, the winner of the contest lives in Placerville and will be getting a chenille scarflet in the mail!


2 thoughts on “Box of Chenille

  1. I share your fiber addiction. I may have more yarn than a normal person can use in a lifetime, but I feel up to the challenge!

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