Shearing Day

Sunday was Shearing Day and we sheared 71 sheep (61 ewes and 10 rams and wethers). I said “we”. Not really “we”, but John, my fabulous shearer. The sheep looked great, the fleece looked great and he finished shearing in two and a half hours! Shearing was finished by 11:30.DSC_6831Here are sheep ready to be shorn.DSC_6800Clover.DSC_6805Mary.

Shearing Miller

John started with the rams…DSC_6818…and moved on to ewes.

Farm Club members were the other wonderful helpers who made it all work.DSC_6764 Alison spent the morning at the skirting table explaining skirting and helping buyers skirt their fleeces.DSC_6767 DSC_6812DSC_6958Shelby and Gynna were our sheep wranglers, making sure that there was always another sheep for John to shear.DSC_6773 DSC_6776 Mary and Carol bagged fleeces while Anna swept and Jackie worked the exit gate.DSC_6783 Linda weighed and recorded fleeces.   Other members helped too but I didn’t get photos.DSC_6884What would shearing day be without chili…DSC_6885…and Dona’s brownies (and Lisa’s Jacob sheep cookies, Jackie’s corn biscuits, Mary’s wonderful tangy chicken and fancy rice krispie treats and more).DSC_6902After shearing the sheep look so much thinner. This photo looks as though it was stretched vertically, but it wasn’t.DSC_6826    Lila.DSC_6891 Cascade.DSC_6894 Gynna with fleece

Gynna looks happy with her Farm Club fleece.fleece And look at this gorgeous one!

After shearing we (Farm Club again and other friends) did demos of all kinds of spinning and fiber prep, but that’s another story, especially because it’s too late to write more.


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