Early Morning Sheep Portraits

I usually have my i-phone (camera) with me but was glad I took the real camera to the barn this morning.Celeste 873That is Celeste in the doorway.Alison 11057 AlisonSummer 0899SummerRoxi 964RoxiVentura 11007Ventura and SonataLaura 706Laura is the third oldest ewe here. She is not really that old at almost 7 years.Phyllis 514Phyllis is an 8 year old lilac ewe.EarsThis is Ears, the second BFL-cross that I have kept.FaulknerHere is Faulkner, the BFL ram. He gets to be “clean-up” ram and is out with all the breeding flock now.DSC_6112    I used red the first two weeks of breeding (starting October 1) and green the second two weeks. Almost all the sheep are marked with red and maybe a 6 or 8 with green. Faulkner has been with them for about 5 days and there are 3 yellow marks so far. Marilyn 13007 left   Marilyn is my favorite of the lambs I’m keeping this year.AmaryllisAmaryllis



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