Molly – 19 years

Molly was the garage cat. Many of you who come to work in the barn or to see the sheep never saw her because the dogs are usually with me and Molly avoided the dogs. Molly’s hangout was the garage. She was Dan’s cat.

Dan rescued Molly in 1994 when she was a tiny kitten and we had a dairy. He found Molly trying to lap up milk leaking out of the dairy cows who were waiting to be milked. A baby kitty wasn’t going to last long while standing under the cows so Dan brought her to the house. I’ve been looking for photos of her and this was the only one that I found.1994-12-5 This was an attempt at a family photo for our Christmas card. Molly is the little kitty in the middle. Katie and I are holding Stripes and Myrtle, two cats rescued from the Barn Cat life. The calf was one that lived on the back porch for a couple of months after being born as a premie. I named her Sequoia to give her a name to live up to. We had dogs, but I guess we thought it would be a bit tough to get this photo with dogs too.

Fast forward to 2012 or so when these photos were taken.DSC_2747When we first moved here in 1999 Molly went missing. I was driving the kids to school and saw her up the road running between haystacks. I brought her home and we made sure that she had a safe place in the garage. Dan uses the upstairs of the garage as his office/man-cave and that became Molly’s home base. IMG_1954I probably had the dogs with me when I took this photo because that is how Molly stared at them while holding her ground. DSC_0151  Molly lived a good life for 19 years, but a couple of weeks ago it was time to say that final goodbye.



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