Red & Green in October

I put the rams in with the ewes on October 1. This is Day 16 so it’s time to change the marker. The ewe’s heat cycle averages 17 days. If one of the previously marked ewes is remarked then I know that she wasn’t bred in the first cycle. If multiple ewes are remarked I may have a  ram fertility problem.  IMG_7986  I changed the markers for all four rams from red to green.IMG_7984 Hendrix was not very happy about being tied up.IMG_7981

IMG_7977IMG_7978 IMG_7989 All he wanted was to get back to the ewe in heat.IMG_7992 The young ram, now named Santana, (second from right) wasn’t put in with the ewes until October 7 but several ewes have been marked. IMG_7996As I was working with the sheep I heard geese honking. It’s that time of year.IMG_7999And here is the gorgeous evening sky.


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