National Heirloom Exposition

I forgot that Sonoma County could be drizzly and cool, even when northern Solano County is sweltering. I spent 3 1/2 days as a vendor at the Heirloom Festival in Santa Rosa. It was nice to be out of the heat, but I would have welcomed a little sun on Days 1 & 2.booth I brought sheep as well as the booth, so I used 2 canopies as well as the sheep pen area. Since we were outside we could spread out as much as we wanted to. Just beyond my booth was an area where other fiber vendors/artists, representing Fibershed, were stationed.DSC_5348Jackie demonstrated the peg loom and Colleen demonstrated needlefelting.DSC_5358Mary and Chris, the “zoomers”, wove on the Zoom Loom, as well as demonstrating other fibery skills throughout the show.

There was a lot to see at the Heirloom Expo and I took advantage of the hours in the morning before the gates opened to the public to look around. DSC_5292 DSC_5299 DSC_5304 My sheep spent the night in the barn and were in the pen at the booth only during the hours of the show. DSC_5341There were a lot of bee and honey displays.DSC_5308 Vertical gardens.DSC_5313 A great use of old doors. Notice the screen to the right as well.IMG_7677DSC_5318      DSC_5361 DSC_5363 DSC_5370 DSC_5372 DSC_5328DSC_5374 DSC_5381 DSC_5387 Are Dona and Jackie solving the problems of the world? Or just satisfying their caffeine addictions?DSC_5329


2 thoughts on “National Heirloom Exposition

  1. Re. Dona and Jackie — of course they are solving the problems of the world!

    Robin – when do the wool pigs arrive at MJ?!

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