What did I do to deserve such Good Friends?

Farm Club (and others) came through again. Expanding the shop has been an ordeal that started five months ago. The last step was to paint. Farm Club friends volunteered to help so I set a date. If they hadn’t offered I’d probably still be procrastinating.IMG_7533 I have been looking at these paint samples for months and finally chose one.IMG_7534 But first everything needed to be primed. This is where the new section joins the old. IMG_7535 This is part of the original  building. It’s actually an old mobile home, which hasn’t been mobile in decades. I painted it about a dozen years ago after we first moved here. IMG_7540This is at the south end. The window trim on the south end and much of the east side was rotten. The wood beneath was also rotten in some places. It has been very discouraging and overwhelming–trying to figure out how to deal with it. (Don’t look up dry rot on Google unless you want to get depressed.) Some of this still has to be fixed before the whole project is completed, but we moved on with what we could do. IMG_7537  It was extra nice that a couple of husbands also volunteered to help. The more the merrier!IMG_7542 IMG_7546 IMG_7547 I don’t know if Mary overcame her dislike of ladders, but she persevered anyway to paint the eaves.painting photo 1We worked all day yesterday with brushes to get that primer into the wood. Today I got out the new paint sprayer.

I don’t have photos yet of the completed job. There are still windows to fix and more trim to paint, but I am so grateful to my friends for their help that I wanted to write this now. In addition to giving up their weekend days, most of them had to drive an hour to get here.  I can’t thank them enough. There will be another post when the job is completely finished.


4 thoughts on “What did I do to deserve such Good Friends?

  1. Well, I agree with Mary on the special treat of getting to take a close look at the new yarn! I was also very happy to help and think it’s going to look fantastic. I’ll send you the photos from my phone tomorrow — somehow (as usual) I ended up with lots of Rusty :-). P.S. Thanks to all of you for the donuts, brownies (port, naturally!), and lunch.


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