Wish I Was There

It was 107 degrees today and the weather people are predicting 6 days of 105 degrees or over. After a few days of this already I am thinking about a hike we took a few weeks ago.DSC_3093 This is a trail in the El Dorado National Forest from Wright’s Lake to Twin Lakes in Desolation Wilderness. We went with my son, Matt, my brother and nephew (who were going to continue into Desolation for a backpacking trip) and, of course, the four dogs.

With my 40 mm lens I get views both …DSC_3118… grand and …DSC_3102 …close.DSC_3115  It’s dry in the valley and foothills now, but at 6000+ feet there are still plenty of wildflowers.DSC_3124



DSC_3175I love the granite boulders and huge views in the Sierras. That distant mountain is Big Hill, where there is a fire lookout and where Matt sometimes works.DSC_3202Dave and Jack were to continue hiking and discussed the options with Matt who knows this area well.DSC_3192 It’s not always easy to get a group photo of all four dogs. DSC_3217We are so fortunate to live in an area where we can get to the mountains in just a couple of hours and that we are able to enjoy it by hiking.

But this is what I’m thinking about today as the temperature soared.DSC_3165Silver Creek cascades over granite and forms beautiful waterfalls and refreshing pools along its length.DSC_3150 DSC_3152     That’s Matt with Sam and Kirin. I took a dip too and I would relish that now.DSC_3223 Rusty and Maggie like their water a little more shallow.DSC_3251We hiked about 8 miles I think. Toward the end Maggie didn’t want to leave the pools. I think the water felt good on her feet.IMG_6650This is one of Twin Lakes in Desolation Wilderness.




2 thoughts on “Wish I Was There

  1. That is one of my favorite day hikes off Hwy 50, but I once got seriously lost on that trail hiking alone with my two dogs and had to bushwhack along the creek to get back to the trail (the dogs were NO help).

  2. Thanks Robin !!!
    I appreciate & enjoy all that you are sharing. Glad you have a nice camera & lense to go along with your adventurous spirit. I enjoy your side kicks, too.

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