Getting Ready for BSG

It always takes so long to get ready to leave on a trip. This time it should be easy. I’ll only be gone for 4 days. Dan will be here to feed sheep and dogs. I’m not packing up a vendor booth. I am taking sheep, however. Friends and I are going to Black Sheep Gathering in Oregon for four days.IMG_6730 Dan has been fixing up the box on the truck that holds the sheep. New gates, new paint, new wood.IMG_6733 Pack the tack box. Check.IMG_6734 Match up the coats to fit the sheep so that they don’t get full of blowing straw in the back of the truck. Check…well sort of. I found the coats and dumped them out. I’ll have to figure out sizes tomorrow a.m.IMG_6735 Figure out which fleeces to deliver and have made into felt. Scratch that one. No time. No energy.IMG_6738 Deal with the bills and paperwork. I did go through the piles to find the sheep registrations that I’ve been meaning to mail and will now deliver. Good thing. I found my AAA membership bill…now expired. I’ll call in the morning and get reinstated.IMG_6739 Jacob Sheep registrations. I was going to get a pile of those done tonight. Nope.IMG_6741 Water my pathetic very late-started garden. I finally just threw zinnia seeds in the larger empty area. It would be nice to have something growing even if it is not edible.

IMG_6742 Move more boxes into the shop so that it doesn’t look so messy outside. No time for that. Tarp it again.IMG_6743 Paint shelves so that they will be useable when I get back. I cut and painted three.IMG_6744 Work on truck. Dan changed the oil and rotated the tires. I cleaned the inside, including the console that collects all the junk–I’m not sure that has been cleaned out since we bought the truck from my son years ago. Notice my little mower there. I mowed one paddock this morning. Dan will irrigate while I’m gone (that’s worth going all by itself–having someone else irrigate.) (Chris, if you read this, notice the hood up on the jeep–didn’t start.)IMG_6745 Remember that I didn’t plan what to do about signs for over my sheep pens. I found a magnetic white board that the magnetic sign fits perfectly. It will hang from a PVC pipe framework painted black.IMG_6746Getting late. We put the box on the truck about 11:30. I guess we’ll be doing more to get ready in the morning.



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