Ironman – Part 3

When I left Chris in the last post he had just finished the 112-mile bike portion of the Ironman Triathlon. It was the middle of the afternoon and the temperature was in the high 80’s. Perfect timing to run a marathon (26.2 miles).run 1The run course was spectator friendly although I don’t know if the competitors liked the idea of running the same loop three times. I think this is about mile 6.DSC_2487 Here is the ever-important support team. Dan had scoped out areas to watch for our runner. DSC_2522  run 2


DSC_2549I took photos each time we saw Chris, but he doesn’t look much different from one photo to the other (and that’s a good thing in a 26-mile run). So I’ll skip to the First, a couple of photos of volunteers. There were aid stations at each mile along the marathon course. Some of the volunteers got a little creative with their outfits.spidermanThere were even super-heroes helping out. support-4-While Chris was on his third lap we decided that we’d better find our place at the finish. Dan stationed himself to take a video at the end of a loop where the runners turn for the finish line. Kurtis, Katie, and Meryl stood in the bleachers right at the end. I stood just below so I could get photos in two directions (and I wasn’t directly in the path of the blaring sound system).DSC_2632

Chris coming into the finish area with two turns before he sees the finish line.DSC_2639

It’s in sight. As the runners cross the finish line the announcer gives the name and says “You are an Ironman!”run-finish

support-endDSC_2656 First smile we saw all

Not quite finished with the support role.katie-chris-kurtis Happy sister & brother-in-lawrobin-chris-dan     Proud parents.


One thought on “Ironman – Part 3

  1. I just finished reading the blog and what an amazing accomplishment for Chris. Great documentation by you. I am amazed!

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