Getting to the Mountains

I am fortunate that I if I wanted a guided tour somewhere in the El Dorado National Forest and surrounding area I only need to ask my son and daughter-in-law (as long as fire season hasn’t started). They live in Pollock Pines, work for the Forest Service, and spend a lot of their off-time enjoying the mountains so they know all the best places. Last week we took a short hike to Bassi Falls. This is an easy hike to take with dogs because you are never far from water.  I took my 44 mm lens–and I have to get used to it again when I switch. DSC_2001







DSC_2000DSC_2022 This is Sam and Kirin, my grand-puppies.DSC_2041 Here they are with Matt & Kaleena.DSC_2043 Sam and Kirin pose better than Rusty and Maggie. By the way, Maggie did so well on this hike. It was only a couple of months ago when I got her that I wondered if I’d ever be able to take her somewhere off leash. This is probably the first time that she has ever had a chance to go for a walk in the mountains. She got along well with Sam and Kirin, who each tower over her.DSC_2056  Here is the only photo I got of all four dogs–like herding cats. Sam and Kirin go for the water, Maggie still tries to move away from the camera and Rusty comes towards the camera to watch shadows and sparkles.DSC_2090 Sitting in a tree?DSC_2096On the way home we drove to Big Hill, where there is a heli-spot and fire lookout. That light spot surrounded by shadows in the middle of this photo is Bassi Falls.

A day in the mountains and a day with my kids. I need to do this more often.


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