Relaxing at Someone Else’s Farm

A couple of weeks ago I went to Auburn, about an hour away, to the Shepherd’s Picnic hosted by Dan Macon and Flying Mule Farm. I went as a visitor even though I brought a table with books and a few supplies. I did not set up a booth though, so I was free to enjoy the day at liberty. Dan had the day set up kind of like we did for Meet the Sheep, with activities scheduled every hour or so.

DSC_0811 Shearing was first.DSC_0821 Dan does his own shearing.DSC_0826 DSC_0839 Here Dan throws a fleece onto the skirting table. DSC_0842 Beautiful, clean wool.DSC_0858 Next was a discussion of pasture management and flock management. Another friend, Farm Advisor, Roger Ingram, also helped out. I recorded some of what Dan and Roger talked about because I thought it would be great to share with Farm Club and others. One of these days I’ll get around to editing it so others can listen.DSC_0870 One of Dan’s former interns brought one of her milking sheep so that she could demonstrate milking.DSC_0874 After milking she shared previously pasteurized and cold sheep milk. That was my first taste of sheep milk and it was great!DSC_0885DSC_0882  Dan’s co-workers are invaluable assets to his farm. Mo, Taff, and Ernie have starring roles in Dan’s blog as well.DSC_0893 Dan, his daughter, and the dogs put on a herding demonstration.DSC_0905DSC_0902 What a beautiful spring day in the Sierra foothills! This is gorgeous country, especially when it is so green this time of year. I will admit that during lunch I lay down in the grass and the warm sun and fell asleep. I don’t do that very often!


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