It’s a Jungle Out There

Here is a photo I took last September:photo

I was trying to figure out why I had no power on the electric fence and this was one of the areas that I had to check. Even though my charger will carry power through thick vegetation like these blackberries, the branches could be pushing the hot wire into the old fence and causing it to ground out. (Yes, is a strand of electric wire going through that mess.) I figured it was time to deal with

This is after I cut away blackberry branches. You can barely see the insulator that holds the electric wire near the bottom of the post. I cut those branches but left them between the ditch and the fence thinking that I would drag them away later to burn them. Yeah, right. (By the way, this was not the problem with the electric fence. It was grounding out elsewhere.)

IMG_4407 So only a few weeks later I knew that I needed to deal with the dallis grass along that same fence-line. This is the same area, but looking from the other direction. There is supposed to be an irrigation ditch in this photo.IMG_4411This is after weed-eating the ditch. You can see the blackberries that were cut a few weeks before that I never got around to moving and burning.

Fast forward to this spring. IMG_6398 This is the same view as the last photo. The blackberries are growing back through the old blackberries branches that were never moved AND through the mounds of dallis grass. This year I have a residential burn permit instead of an ag permit. If I don’t want to go get an ag permit then all my burning has to be done before May 1 (or maybe it’s the 30th). But in any case, I needed to get busy. I took a rake and the pruning shears and spent a couple of hours at it. IMG_6400 This is what it looks like now with 2 piles ready to burn. Now hopefully the sheep will keep up with the regrowth of sprouts. When it is so thick with brush and coarse grass the sheep don’t even try to get through it. IMG_6401 But there is more! This is the other fence-line–one that I did not deal with last year. See the two electric fence strands disappearing into it?IMG_6402Here it is from the other direction. Farm Club, where are you?


One thought on “It’s a Jungle Out There

  1. ah!–such a laid-back life…blue sky, green fields, wild berries at your fingertips, pretty sheep happily grazing…just taking it all in, aren’t you, cuz–nothing to do that you can’t put off til
    another day…some people are so lucky–no smog, crowds, traffic, noise, etc. actually, you must work harder than almost anyone i know, and how you do it all amazes me. hugs….

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