Fibershed Photoshoot

How does the Fibershed Marketplace get all those great photos? It takes a lot of work from everyone who is involved in the photoshoot but the photos are a credit to the skill of our wonderful photographer, Paige Green. I hosted the spring photoshoot and my friend, Jackie, organized everything. Here are some of my photos from the day.DSC_1185We arranged items that were to be photographed. These are my Jacob shawls and scarves.DSC_1186 Jackie‘s hot pads and bangles.DSC_1208Katharine Jolda‘s felted jacketDSC_1214We turned one of my stalls into a dressing room. Shelby is a Farm Club member who consented to be one of our models.DSC_1199 First photos of the day were Sally Fox’s sheepskins.  There is a lot going on behind the scenes to create these photos. DSC_1224 Alisa is Jackie’s daughter and she became one of the models. Her boyfriend, Mark, was indispensable in assisting Paige with her equipment all day.DSC_1269

This is Brooklyn, our youngest model. She wore a hooded jacket and wool socks.DSC_1281 Meryl is being fitted by Marlie.DSC_1291 Paige used a variety of settings during the day. In this scene Allie modes her rabbit-skin vest.DSC_1316
Rusty was involved in the activity all day. He will write his own blog post about his involvement. DSC_1372 We used the sheep in the photos of my handwoven pieces.DSC_1393 Meryl and Shelby modeled four shawls.DSC_1401 DSC_1421 DSC_1425Give us a few weeks and you’ll see all of these items and more available on the Fibershed Marketplace website.


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