Farm Club Goes to the City – Part 2

In the last post I showed photos of Farm Club’s trip to Hayes Valley Farm in the middle of San Francisco. After visiting the farm we thought about what to do next. Kathy asked us if we’d ever been inside City Hall. We could see the dome from the farm. We decided to go there. I’m going to admit something. I’ve lived in the country all my life (well, I don’t consider my life starting until after moving from SF to Cotati when I was 10) and rarely venture into “The City”. Sacramento doesn’t count. After I pass Vallejo going west I leave my comfort zone. I don’t know how to do negotiate public transportation because I never go there. It was good to have friends who have experience with this (and the right apps). So we caught buses and streetcars for this tour around the city. Way better than driving downtown. First stop was City Hall.IMG_6283 It is a beautiful building.IMG_6284 There are interesting displays downstairs…IMG_6288 …and there are weddings going on upstairs.IMG_6289 We people-watched awhile on the front steps. It seems that wedding parties leave about every 15 minutes.

IMG_6292 IMG_6294 After hanging around City Hall for awhile we decided to head to the Ferry Building …IMG_6295 …to see the “foodie” shops there.IMG_6300 I found this book that I remember having as a kid and then reading over and over and over and… to my kids.IMG_6304We found the right bus back to the NDGW Home. Being creatures of habit, we ate at the same (wonderful) restaurant where we have had dinner the last two years. Then we spent the evening knitting and weaving and chatting. We had a leisurely breakfast of lemon pie we had purchased from the neighborhood pie store the day before and we made it back home by the afternoon.

This was a very welcome day off and it was fun spending it with good friends.


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