The Bone Yard

I was cleaning the barn before Meet the Sheep and gathered up all the skulls and horns that I had collected over the years.DSC_0512


DSC_0604 I took advantage of the sunny day to clean everything and I matched up horns to skulls. Skull 1-3 Skull 2 Skull 3 Skull 4 I sold the two horn skulls already, but the 4-horn skulls are for sale on my websiteSkull 5

DSC_0611What do I do with these horns?DSC_7893Here is something that I think is interesting. Take a look at these horns in these two photos:Horns 6 Horns 7 I measured the horns so that I could describe them on my website. The horns in the first photo are 23″ long and they measure 9″ around at the base. The horns in the second photo are 24″ long and measure 10″ around. I never think of the curled horns as being as long as the upright ones, but it makes sense that they are.

For comparison, the longest horn on the skull at the top of this post is 20″ and the lower horns are 13″. The longest horn on the second skull is 28″. The longest horn on the second 2-horn skull is 31″ and on the last skull is 21″.


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