Meet the Sheep 2013

Another great day at the farm and another day that I’m so thankful to Farm Club and my other friends! Meet the Sheep is our annual spring Open House event. It is a big undertaking, but with the help of Farm Club and my family (and some luck with the weather) it went very well.DSC_0626 Mary, Joy, and Gynna are three of the crew that arrived early to help with set up. Notice the threatening weather.DSC_0629 Just before visitors were due to arrive I brought the sheep in from the pasture…DSC_0633 …and moved them to the pasture near the shop so that they would be ready to Meet the People. DSC_0649 Jackie set up a booth…DSC_0650 …as did Colleen.DSC_0653 I resurrected some displays from my Shear Delight days.DSC_0665Shelby and Dona tried out the new photo station that was created by Dona and Rick.DSC_0647The scheduled demonstrations were very popular. DSC_0656 Alison demonstrated spinning.DSC_0659 Colleen taught Solar Dyeing with Kool-aid…DSC_0687…and how to felt a bowl using a balloon.  DSC_0667 Julie brought baby chicks and bunnies and showed people how to handle the bunnies.DSC_0673 I think she won in the Cuteness Category today…DSC_0679 …although Mary’s triplets were popular as were the three bottle babies and the six newest lambs.DSC_0682  Julie also talked about dyeing fiber.DSC_0696Janis made this cool poster using wool from a fleece she bought in November.

And that’s it for my photos although there was a lot more going on. We were so busy that I was in the shop the rest of the day!DSC_0654Good thing that Dona brought brownies for lunch!



5 thoughts on “Meet the Sheep 2013

    • I agree! Farm Club members are the best! Robin F.: Those of us that have been around long enough have fond memories of Fibervisions. Even with what we’ve been doing we’ve never been able to equal that.

  1. my husband and I really enjoyed ourselves! Everyone was informative and friendly, the lambs and sheep were delightful, the human kids were so cute too and I got to purchase some more of your wonderful Jacob yarn. Thank you for hosting such a down to earth event.

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