Lambs everywhere

Eight lambs today brought us to 22 lambs in five days since lambing began. It was hectic today. I had a Lambtown Fiber Committee meeting scheduled here from 1 to 3. One ewe (Delilah) lambed with twins and I put another ewe (Belinda) in a lambing pen just before the meeting started. One of the participants in the meeting brought her kids and the kids needed something to do. They were charged with the task of telling us if Belinda started having a lamb. About half way through the meeting the kids told us that a different ewe had just had a lamb. That was Terraza and I brought her into the barn. By the time the meeting was over there were 5 more lambs (2 for Terraza, 2 for Belinda, and 1 more for Delilah, giving her triplets). DSC_8852The morning began with finding Summer’s lambs. Unfortunately one was dead. (This is not a very good photo but it is of the live lamb.)DSC_8832The third of Delilah’s triplets. Look at those horns.DSC_8843This is Belinda. It’s no wonder that lambs and ewes get mixed up when lambing in a confined area. Belinda was desperate to have a lamb, any lamb.DSC_8857Delilah and her triplets.DSC_8846Terraza and twins.1-DSC_5697weigh Dona came for the meeting and she took some photos. I like to weigh the lambs so I have an answer when people ask me “how much do they weigh when they are born?”1-DSC_5759kidsHere are the official Lamb Watchers of the day.Eliza This is one of Eliza’s lambs, born a couple of days lips Hot Lips and one of her lambs.lamb listThe Lambing Board.


3 thoughts on “Lambs everywhere

  1. Oh my goodness, how I wish I could pet these little darlings. All the cuteness and fun these little ones are having is a sight to see, I can imagine the work behind these happy photos.
    I enjoy your blog so very much.

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