Lambs are Here!

Lambs were due on Thursday, 148 days after the first breeding date. I’ve started watching for early arrivals. Last night I went out at about 12:30 a.m. (after finishing bookkeeping for the night) and found two ewes with four lambs. I brought them into the lambing pen area and tried to sort out moms and babies. I finally assigned two lambs to each ewe and they all seemed happy. In the light of day I realize that the sets of twins are split up. But that’s OK as long as each lamb has a happy mom.DSC_8709 This is a beautifully marked ram lamb. Meridian Celeste x Kenleigh’s Matrix. The two parents are both lilac (the color of this lamb) and they should have lilac offspring. DSC_8716 This is his adopted twin, but he is black so I think belongs to the other mom. (Meridian Zoey x Meridian Fogerty)DSC_8721 Here is a lilac ewe lamb (although in the photo she looks black) so this is the twin to the first one. DSC_8775 Meridian Loretta lambed with twins in the middle of the day. I put Loretta in a pen and came back an hour later. No muss, no fuss. Twins clean and nursing. This is a ewe lamb. Meridian Loretta x Kenleigh’s Matrix.DSC_8789 Here is that first lamb again. I usually just number the lambs and let buyers give them names.  This lamb is tempting me to name all my lambs. I don’t have his name yet, but I’ll think of one. DSC_8792Lambing season has started.



12 thoughts on “Lambs are Here!

  1. So fun! It will be April 1st before we have any due. I agree, Zorro is a good name for that cute lilac ram. How do you mark them? I saw the numbers on the board. Do you use tags?

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