A Shopping Weekend

TNNA is The National Needlearts Association. The annual winter trade show was in Long Beach and I spent the weekend there with my friend, Irene, from Cotton Clouds and thousands of other yarn store owners, designers, and fiber lovers. This kind of a show has a different feel than the typical shows where I go as a vendor. Part of that is certainly because I’m on the fun (buying) side of the table instead of the work (selling) side. But it is also because this is where the manufacturers and producers go to sell their fiber, yarns, patterns and accessories to yarn stores and other retailers.

IMG_5348Irene and I always look forward to this weekend because, although we collaborate on the phone and by e-mail all year its nice to be face-to-face (and share a room at the hotel). IMG_5307There are a classes offered and I had fun making this needle felted bird. It’s good to find out how other people teach topics that you already offer.IMG_5339This is a crocheted coral reef in the lobby.IMG_5356There are autograph sessions for authors with new books. Mom wrote this book, but it features Ava (aka Annie), who knitted the scarf, and also signed every book.

IMG_5358Isn’t she adorable? Reminds me of Katie.

For the most part photography is not allowed on the show floor, but usually vendors don’t mind if you are going to buy their things. Here is a glimpse of some of what UPS will be delivering soon.IMG_5353




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One thought on “A Shopping Weekend

  1. Very nice Robin!!
    Your work is beautiful ! And I enjoy every step of the Way…. Thanks for sharing!!! & I agree! looks like Katie in the photo. Katie, I bet iis just as busy & creative as her mom!

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