Sheep in the Sun

During the winter the sheep are mostly in the barn and corral area. The pasture doesn’t drain well and I don’t want it to be a trampled mess. I’m also waiting for there to be more growth there. It’s been dry enough the last few weeks that I opened the gate to the small paddocks near the barn. The sheep were thrilled to get out to that grass.

DSC_7922 This is Summer (the sheep, not the season). DSC_7925 This is Spring (also, not the season).DSC_7927 Here is Eliza. They are all looking a little heavy, but that is because they are due to lamb in about a month. DSC_7929 Stephanie, the old goat, is so stiff in the cold weather we’ve been having. I walked her out here to enjoy the grass.  Most of the sheep kept their heads down eating. But Kyra just wanted to play. DSC_7932 DSC_7937 DSC_7939  Happy sheep! DSC_7938I still have the new lens on the camera. It is a 40 mm lens and I wasn’t that close to the action. I’m surprised that I was able to crop the photos to this degree and still have them relatively sharp.DSC_7948


2 thoughts on “Sheep in the Sun

  1. Kyra must have met the groundhog early. She’s doing a “happy dance”! Maybe she knows something we don’t …like it isn’t going to be all that cold much longer. Maybe. It could happen. Love the photos.

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