Fleeces Revisited

I haven’t finished getting the wool ready to send to the mill. Holidays get in the way. Now it’s COLD. Farm Club members have been helping and I think one more afternoon of skirting and sorting will do it. Sending wool off in January means I’m way ahead of my usual schedule.

If you are not excited about wool these photos won’t be very interesting. But to me they are a precursor of beautiful yarn and blankets.DSC_7777Alison’s fleece. The 3 x 5 cards provide scale (as well as remind me of whose wool is whose).DSC_7782 Eliza’s fleece


AthenaAthena’s fleece is a little shorter than the others, but very soft.  DSC_7798  Miller is a ram lamb born last March. This fleece is only 9 months growth. I can’t wait for next year’s.DSC_7816Hattie’s fleeceDSC_7793Did I say it was cold while we were working? Mary and Dona helped one day and Linda on another. DSC_7811Here was the best place to stand–a south-facing wall in the sun. We already finished with your fleece, Jazz.


2 thoughts on “Fleeces Revisited

    • Lately I’ve been using Creekside Fiber Mill in Oregon. I like Spinderella’s in UT also. I just sent some wool to a new one–Mill Creek in Oakhurst, CA.

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