Photography Fun–A Weekly Challenge

Not that I need a another thing to add to the to-do list…but I saw a blog that has a weekly photo challenge and I thought it might be fun to participate. This might only last a week–we’ll see. This week’s challenge by A Word in Your Ear is Clouds.  Without working very hard I could go back just a couple of weeks to find these photos that I took the day after I got my new lens from Santa.DSC_7396This is the field across the road from my house and the next one was taken just up the road.DSC_7384What is a sunset without clouds?DSC_5394 DSC_5422 DSC_5426 Notice the fog rolling over the hills–fog is just clouds on the ground, right? These sunset photos are taken from my barn looking to the west. The last photo, below, is another that I took from the field across the road.DSC_6828



6 thoughts on “Photography Fun–A Weekly Challenge

    • Thanks. If I had another life maybe I’d try to be a photographer. I sure appreciate good photos and what it takes to get them. Now that we have digital it’s a whole lot easier–instant feedback and dozens (hundreds) to pick through.

  1. are those clumps of mistletoe in the last photo?
    love all of these shots. i can see you entire book unfolding, this being but a part of it.

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