Fondling Fleeces

On Shearing Day I sold over 20 fleeces but I was so busy that I didn’t get a change to really look at them.  Today some Farm Club members came to help skirt and sort fleeces.

DSC_6650Most of the fleeces that are left will be sorted into white, black, and gray. That’s what those barrels in the background are for. However, I’m keeping my eyes open for a couple of fleeces for some special projects that I have in mind. The wool on the table is Donna’s fleece.

DSC_6655 This is what Donna’s fleece looks like from the cut side. Isn’t that a beautiful shade of gray?

Donna 937Here is Donna.

DSC_6671Here is a sample of Ventura’s fleece. This is another that I may spin myself.

Here are some more pretty fleeces.



DSC_6663 Ginseng is a lilac lamb. Notice the change in color in the length of the staple–lightest color near the skin. It will be interesting to see what this fleece is like next year.

GinsengThis is Ginseng and her spots don’t appear light.



Onyx’s fleece. I’m keeping this one also.



2 thoughts on “Fondling Fleeces

  1. Ginseng’s fleece is very interesting – I love the crimp and her spots are definitely dark. I wonder if she’ll fade? Nice seeing a photo of her again! How does Foxglove look?… and her fleece? I thought hers would be pretty nice.

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