Color Everywhere I Look

It’s been awhile since I wrote a blog post–at least on paper…well, on on the computer. But you know what I mean. I write a lot of them in my head but they don’t always make it here. So I was looking at my latest photos to see which in-my-head blog post to put here and these are the things that caught my eye.

 The dye class that I taught last week.

The v-shawl class that I taught last week.

Socks that Jackie made for me but it hasn’t been the season to wear them.

The color wheel class that I taught at Lambtown on Sunday.

Georgia O’Keefe’s Purple Petunia which is now on the loom.

But when you think you’ve found the most fabulous colors of yarn, fiber, and dye, you walk outside  and see this:


A sunset from last week.


I think I need to find yarn in these colors.




3 thoughts on “Color Everywhere I Look

  1. Thank you Robin, for sharing your photos and life. The breeding group setup reminds me of the old days, a very tricky thing to get rams and ewes in the right groupings and to find spots for them all. Go green!

  2. Thanks Robin for sharing all that you are doing…. enjoy all the animals and colors and, of course, Rusty who seems to know just where he should be, to stay with you & envolved with whats happening and, of course, needs his imput.
    Papa Bob is holding his own…
    Aloha Linda

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