CA Wool & Fiber Festival

I spent last weekend in Boonville at the CA Wool & Fiber Festival which is part of the Mendocino County Fair and Apple Show. I was a vendor at CWFF years ago but this the first time in quite awhile for me. This is a fun show but the hours and the drive make for a long weekend. I left home Thursday afternoon and finally finished setting up the booth about 10:30 that night. By the time I packed up on Sunday night it was 10:30 and I got home at 2:30 a.m. Monday.  Good thing I had a good audio-book for the drive.

My 10 x 10 booth was packed full of my farm-produced items as well as retail equipment, kits, etc.

 I entertained myself by needlefelting my first 2-dimensional piece…

…spinning on the new Country Spinner from Ashford…

…visiting with Jackie, who was a great help at the booth, and…

…watching people try on the fuzzy hats in the booth across the aisle.

I have been friends with Karin since 5th grade and she came for a visit. That’s her between the cowboys, who are also very entertaining.

I bought this very cool horse necklace from the Navajo ladies who had a booth across the aisle. I have worn the same earrings for about a year and I never buy jewelry, but I couldn’t resist.

Although it’s hard for some of us to understand, the world doesn’t revolve around fiber, at least the furry kind of fiber. This is the County Fair and APPLE Festival. After the fiber building closed in the evening I had a chance to see a few more things at the fair.

I enjoyed seeing the exhibits created by youth groups to promote local agriculture.  Who knew that there was this additional use for yellow squash?

I found another old friend.

This is Freckles, who I sold a few years ago to someone with a petting zoo. What a good life for a sheep who would be culled!

Back to the fiber building.

On both Saturday and Sunday Charlie demonstrated his skill with his chosen fiber animal.

There is a rabbit in there.

An English Angora.

Charlie harvests the fiber with scissors.

He makes sure that there are no second cuts or short fibers in the prime fiber he saves. Too bad you can’t do that with sheep.

Fun friends, fun weekend, but long. I’m glad to be home and sleeping in a bed instead of the back of the truck. Oh, there was a sheepdog trial also. I’m going to let Rusty tell you about those photos in his blog.


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