Trip to Colorado – Day 1 (2nd half)

I am now at my brother-in-law’s house in Colorado Springs and my computer is plugged in. I will finish the post of Friday’s Events, but it seems like ages ago now. When I ran out of power last night I think I was including photos of things I thought interesting at Schacht Spindle Company…


…Like these rope twisters.


And this beautiful tapestry of Barry and Jane, their family, and other things of significance.

ImageHere is a farm related photo. This is a chicken coop outside of the building. Employees can sign up for chicken duty for a week. The employee who takes care of the chickens for the week and cleans the pen at the end of that time gets the eggs for the week. There are also garden plots that employees can use if they plant and maintain them.

After touring the business I drove to Shuttles, Spindles, and Skeins, the yarn shop in town. ImageBelieve me, this is not your average yarn shop.

ImageHere is what you see when you enter the shop.

ImageTurn to the right and enter this room with coned yarn (off to the right of the photo), looms, wheels, and workshop space. Walk through this room into:

Image…this classroom. You could probably fit 15 of my shop into this room alone.

ImageThis is the other end of that room. Look at all those looms!


This poster caught my eye, partly because I had just been reading about the idea of “yarn crawls” in the Yarn Market News. Wouldn’t this be a fun idea in our area?

Changing gears. I left Boulder and drove to Henderson to the Adams County Fairgrounds where the JSBA AGM was to be held.  That will be the next post. Good night from Colorado. (My posts will be behind because I’ll probably be home before I write the next one.)


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