Trip to Colorado-Day 1

I flew to Colorado to attend the annual meeting of the Jacob Sheep breeders Association. The gathering started on Friday afternoon so I planned the day to include a side-trip to Boulder to visit the Schacht Spindle Company. I carry Schacht equipment in the shop so I thought it would be fun to have a tour of the business.

Here is the first look into the factory/workshop area. Looks confusing, doesn’t it? There is a lot to see, but I’ll just pick out a few photos to share.

There are several big, fancy, and I’m sure very expensive machines like this one.

When you look closely you see that the machine is drilling and changing the block of wood on the left into the one on the right. This is one side of the Flip loom.

Each piece is sanded using a variety of machines–ones that do flat surfaces, ones like this one with stiff bristle rollers that sand inside all the crevices and holes.

Each piece is dipped in Danish oil. I love the smell when I open a box of Schacht products–I now associate that oil smell with new toys!

Work is done under the watchful eye of Elvis. (There is a sentimental story behind this.)

This is the room where the spinning wheels are put together. You know me with names…I can’t remember this person’s name but he puts together all the Schacht-Reeves wheels.

I am in my motel room. My computer just told me that I am on reserve power and it’s going to go to sleep in a minute if I don’t plug it in. I can’t find the power cord and I hope it’s in the car. I have to quite now. More later. I hope I have time to upload this.


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