Benny 1999 – 2012

Benny was found cowering in a rain storm under the shopping carts at Safeway by the daughter of my friend, Colleen. Colleen rescued him and got him healthy. We had just moved to our current location a few months before and decided that we could handle another dog since we had only Flash at the time. Colleen had said that Benny was probably a Border Collie mix. What I didn’t expect when I saw him was that his legs were only about half the length they should have been to match his body. Colleen raised Corgis–maybe Benny looked normal to her!

We’ll never know what trauma Benny had experienced before he was adopted. He was always loving to our kids and their friends, but was not trustworthy with adult strangers.

Katie took Benny in the obedience classes at the 4-H Dog Shows, but he was never given the Canine Good Citizen award because of his tendency to growl at a stranger who approached with a hand out (unless the hand was throwing treats).

Flash (right) was also found in a parking lot as a puppy and I got him from my vet at the time. He was probably about 6 when we got Benny. Doc (left) was a wonderful dog who came to us later when the neighbors moved and they didn’t want to take him. Benny looks as though he fits in, except for those short legs. Flash and Doc are both long gone.

The next dogs were Rusty and Bonnie. Bonnie has since found a good home in Modoc County where she is a lot happier than she was here.

Benny greets Ozzie when he moved in two years ago. What is it with animals with no homes?

Investigating this spring’s temporary house-lamb.

Benny had congestive heart failure and kidney failure and is now buried under the trees here at his home.





11 thoughts on “Benny 1999 – 2012

  1. I’m so sorry to hear about Benny. The pictures show how much he was loved by your family and how much he loved you.

  2. It’s those challenging dogs that we learn so much from and that help us grow as people. I’m so sorry to see Benny go – a loss for everyone who knew him. He had a really good life with you and your family.

  3. Well, the little fellow had a lovely life once he wandered his way into your lives. I know you’ll miss the little guy, but I’m sure somewhere, out there, is another little lost soul, working his/her way to you.

  4. Oh know! I’m so sorry. Benny and I had finally worked out our relationship. I felt so happy when I could finally go into the house without Benny having to be locked up. I will miss him. Take care.

  5. So sorry to hear about the loss of Benny. I love seeing the photos of him throughout the years, what wonderful memories you have. Jackie was so correct about the fact that it is the challenging dogs that we learn so much from.

    • Thanks to everyone for your thoughts about Benny. It’s sure different when you’ve had a dog for that long and you keep thinking you see him out of the corner of your eye.

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