Farm Club Farewell

One of our “founding” members, Tina, is moving to Portland soon. Dona offered to have a farewell party at her house in Wilton. What a wonderful way to spend our Saturday. Food, fiber projects, animals, and most of all, good friends.

Tina, Chris, and Jackie watching Dona’s goats.

Shelby and two of Dona’s Boer goats.

Cracker treats for the lambs.

Some of us whip out our cameras at every opportunity but Alison always has a sketch book at hand. (And her sketches are wonderful.) By the way, that is Faulkner’s daughter on the right.

Last minute food prep as Shelby gets a lesson in whipping cream.

What a feast!

Kathy and Shelby present Shelby’s lemon tart with freshly whipped cream.

This is all of us who were able to make it to Dona’s sharing a wonderful afternoon.

Tina, if we don’t see you before then we’ll meet up with you at Black Sheep Gathering in 2013.



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