Moon Journey

I was surprised to see this iris flower this morning. I bought four fancy iris plants from Pleasants Valley Iris Farm last year. You choose them in the spring when they are blooming (now) and then iris farmer, Mark, sends the rhizomes to you in the fall when they should be planted. I almost killed them by forgetting about them and leaving them in the box for…let’s just say…a long time.  I finally planted the rhizomes and have made sure they don’t get stepped on, eaten, etc. Today I was surprised to see the one called Moon Journey flowering! I don’t know if the others will produce flowers this year, but at least I am watching over them now. I can’t seem to turn Pleasants Valley Iris Farm into a link right now but go to



4 thoughts on “Moon Journey

      • I’ve got them around here too, on the outside of fences. I didn’t know they were toxic until a neighbor elderly lady (with a very green thumb!) told me they had some sheep eat theirs and died shortly after.

  1. Thanks for the link! I love iris and had no idea there was a farm source relatively close to home. OK, a 6 hour drive, but hubby should be willing to do that for me, right??

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