Some favorite sheep


I took a whole batch of photos yesterday morning before I went to two days of Nikon photography classes in Sacramento. I intended to write a blog post about ewes and their lambs and I took photos of family groups. After the class I’m looking at these photos and thinking…delete…delete…delete. I couldn’t bring myself to delete all of them, but I did delete most. And I’m tempted to go back through the last year i-photo and do a big cleansing.


So here are a few photos that I kept and some of them aren’t all that great but I like the sheep.

Summer and her triplets

Hot Lips and twins

Dazzle and twins

Lola and daughter







3 thoughts on “Some favorite sheep

  1. The ear tag on Fogerty, if you look carefully, appears to be a man with a bowler hat wearing a ‘bib’ from a suit. Cute.

  2. I am a new follower. Your farm and fiber work are amazing. I travel back to my uncle’s little farm with his dairy goats. It’s fun to walk down memory lane playing with the dairy goats on his farm.

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