Pretty faces

I think I am procrastinating, but I like looking at pretty sheep photos…especially when it’s dreary and raining outside.

This is a ram lamb but he doesn’t look so tough when he still has little tufts of hair on his horns.

Hot Lips


Faulkner’s lamb


5 thoughts on “Pretty faces

  1. I love the pictures. Especially the one with the very fashionable weed/sticks on her head.
    Hot lips wasn’t bad either.
    I do like the ram that has the tufted horns. Will be be available. I’m going to have fiber flock by fall of this year. So I’m not sure about having a ram yet but he is tempting.

    • That ram will be available, but he may not have enough color to be considered for a registered breeding ram. However, he would be a great addition to a fiber flock as a wether. If you do not need a ram for breeding, a wether is a far better choice. You can see all the ram lambs here and the ewe lambs here. Or you can see them in person at Meet the Sheep on April 7.

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